What to expect

Hey, everyone! I am a Luxury Newborn Photographer in Cypress, Texas focused on creating a flawless product for your new arrival. I am a full-service studio that provides all props you may need for your newborn session.

If you know me or have attended one of my newborn sessions, it's no secret that I am a stickler when it comes to details. My goal for each session is to create a cohesive gallery with colors that accent your style and home. It is important to me that you know what quality to expect when booking with me and receiving your final images.

Now, each baby is very different so it's important that you don't have too many expectations when it comes to specific posing you have in mind in case it's not your little one's day. Don't worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure your newborn session stays running smoothly.

My *tedious* but worth it process

  1. LIGHTING The most important detail when it comes to professional quality images for me is the lighting. I am constantly checking my light modifier to insure it's falling on you and the baby's face nicely creating flattering lighting and crispy images. You want your newborn photographer to be very confident in their lighting techniques. This can make or break an image.
  2. HEAD PLACEMENT Another one of the more important parts of a clean image is what you can see in the photo. I always want to make sure the whole face is visible, meaning the chin is not hidden in the wrap. This may seem small, but you want to be able to see your LO's full face. This also ties into lighting as well, you may see me move babies' faces in another direction to make sure the lighting is optimal.
  3. FINGERS & HANDS Arguably the hardest thing to tweak for me are the fingers and hands. This is can make or break an image for me as well since they are such a prominent detail in the image. I always flatten and tuck fingers away as much as possible to avoid the squid tentacle-like appearance of the hands in an image. If you know, you know haha. 
  4. WRAP & LAYER PLACEMENT I love to add different textures and elements to my setups, but it takes some finesse. I do not like to overcrowd a setup or have messy wraps and layers so I don't take away from your sweet baby. Tails of wraps are bunched up carefully, and layers are tucked away under baby to not overpower the setup. Bonnet ties are also styled for a clean whimsical look.